Meet Pastor Alecia Williams

Pastor and Co-Founder

Pastor Alecia Williams

Pastor Alecia is a woman who seeks to please the Lord with all of her heart! While serving in ministry with her husband, Pastor Jasper, she discovered more about herself and Him. Initially when the Lord called she and her husband to start The Church in 2006, she enjoyed partnering with the Spirit in communicating marriage principles to couples, as well as leading praise and worship.

She soon learned that the Heavenly Father rarely makes life

comfortable. She discovered there was more He had inside of her. After much

prayer and wrestling, Alecia accepted her calling into ministry and on April

12, 2009, became an ordained Pastor of The Church.

With an interactive and demonstrative preaching style, Pastor

Alecia brings the Word of God to life in a way that draws anyone listening in

magnetically with conviction and passion. She operates in Biblical integrity in

a way that challenges you to move from where you are to where God has called

you to be. And she is determined to be a woman that represents the King! Her

messages encompass passion, authenticity, and transparency.

Alecia is also the loving and supportive wife to Jasper W.

Williams, III and the proud mother of Jordan Alyse and Jasper IV.